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About Bikers Database 2009

Bikers Database was created by me, George. I ride a motorcycle and know how to develop online software. Bikers Database strives to put you in touch with events that you are interested in.

When I was younger, all I wanted to do was get out on the bike and ride. I rode many roads alone. I wanted to ride with other bikers, but because I didn't belong to any clubs I rode by myself many times.

I designed Bikers Database to solve this problem. Anyone big or small can post an event, free, no membership required. Anyone who visits can find out where and when these events will occur. The website uses geocoding techniques to instantly locate Motorcycle Rides, Meets, Swaps, Rallies, Shows or Races closest to you.

Plus you can setup notifications so that every time a new event is added, you are alerted by email. You can set the distance (from you) for different types of events you may be interested in.

You can "watch" the events you're interested in. If you're a member, you'll receive a reminder two days in advance of the event. Any events you're watching are tracked for you, you can find them in My Calendar.

After you find an event, the event details page displays all information that was provided from the event submitter. The accuracy of this information comes from the event submitter. It's optional for the event submitter to provide their email and/or telephone, but in any case you can "comment" on the event to ask questions.

Please tell your friends! This is a free resource every biker should know about.

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About Bikers Database